A preview of the RTG casino game : Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games to play and Real Time Gaming (RTG) has put out a great online version of the game. Don't worry about player security, as all RTG games have it in spades and the sounds and the graphics of RTG Craps are also fantastic.

RTG Craps has many player features and when you play it is like you are in a real live casino! You can get close up views of the rolling dice after you make a wager. The denominations in RTG Craps are $1, $5, $25, and $100. To make bets simply click on the amount you want to bet and place it over the bet you want to make on the virtual Craps' table. Right in front of you there are the buttons of Roll, which gets the game going, Repeat, which repeats your previous bet, and Clear, which clears all the bets. The layout of the game is attractive and it is easy to see all the bets that you have the chance to make. You can also read up on the rules and how to play RTG Craps in the Help section. This is a nice option for those new to the game and are not sure on how it is played. Play RTG Craps at 2 great casinos RTG or Bodog and if you love the game of Craps than RTG Craps is THE online casino game for you.

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