Best Canadian Online Casinos

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Online gambling is legal in Canada, and there is an abundance of local and international sites that cater to Canadian players. In recent years, Canadian lawmakers began seeking to promote more local Canadian casinos online for ease of governing.

Best Canadian Casinos

Because online gambling is legal in Canada, the number of online casinos that cater to Canadian players is growing exponentially. While some of these casinos are legitimate and fair, there are others that are not as safe. The best Canadian casinos are those that are monitored for fair practices and accept many common forms of payment. It is important for players to remember that online Canadian casinos are generally monitored much more closely than those offered from other countries.

Casino Payment Options

Canadians have a nearly unlimited array of options when making deposits into their online casino accounts. The best Canadian casinos offer players a multitude of payment options; this ensures that payments are handled quickly and efficiently. Also, because of the many options, Canadian players almost never experience issues when depositing funds into or withdrawing funds from online Canadian casinos. Many of the most popular payment methods are highly regulated and monitored for fair practices.

Taxes on Winnings from Online Canadian Casinos

Although there is no law stating that the average Canadian player must declare their winnings as taxable, there is an exception for professional gamblers. These gamblers often make a living by frequenting some of the best Canadian casinos available, so a very large amount of money often changes hands. In this situation, the player is required to claim his or her earnings as taxable. Winning one large jackpot - perhaps even one worth millions - is not enough to declare a player a professional, however.

The best Canadian casinos have a good reputation, offer players several methods for depositing and withdrawing funds from their casino accounts, and work with the government to follow tax laws. Casino game players in Canada have access to some of the best online Canadian casinos.