A preview of the NetEnt casino game : Pontoon Pro Series

Pontoon Pro Series is an variation of the popular Blackjack table game and a Pontoon is actually a Blackjack. A Pontton pays out 2:1, the dealer wins all ties and the dealer must hit on a soft 16 and a soft 17. The wording is a little different in the game not only Pontoon, but in the betting action a hit is called a Twist. You can play up to 3 hands at one time and any 5 card trick will pay out 2:1.

A couple of other differences in Pontoon Pro Series are in the doubling down option and the split option. In typical Blackjack game when you double down you double your original bet and only get one mare card. In this game there is a Buy button where you are doubling down on a hand, but you do not just get one card, but as many as you want. In the split action you can split any same card values not just pairs. So if you get a 10 and a King you can split the cards. In the game the both of the dealer's card are dealt face down.

In Pontoon Pro Series there are 3 different ship denomination modes you can play in the High Roller, Standard, or Low Roller modes. To make a wager simply click on a chip and then the bet in 1 of the 3 bet areas depending on how many hands you want to play. You can adjust the sounds in the game, as well as the background music, sound effects, and game speed and there is also a Rules link. The reputable Net Entertainment powers the game so you can be sure the graphics are stunning the sounds are nice.

This game is offered at any NetEnt casinos and also at Mybet Casino.

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