A preview of the NetEnt casino game : Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'em is a great Net Entertainment poker game that is one of the most popular games around. Instead of playing against a table of players or 1-1 against another player in this version you are playing against the dealer. You and the dealer are dealt 2 cards with the turn coming out right away. You can raise or call and then the flop and the river cards are shown and whoever has the best hand wins the moolah.

A couple of twists in Casino Hold'em are the AA or better side wager and the special payouts for poker hands. You can make a side bet where if you are dealt 2 Aces or better you will win the bet, but you cannot fold the hand. Still even if you lose the hand to the dealer, but you have 2 Aces or better you will still win the AA or better side bet. There are also special payouts for poker hands, as you will be paid out 2:1 for a flush, 3:1 for a full house, 10:1 for 4 of a kind, 20:1 for a straight flush, and 100:1 for a Royal flush. Also in the AA or better side bet you will be paid out 7:1 for a pair of Aces to a straight and 25:1 for a pair of Aces and flush or higher.

You can check out the paytable in Casino Hold'em simply by mousing over that area of the virtual felt. Graphics in the game cannot be beat and the sounds are nice and can be adjusted. Playing for free is a good option for beginning players and if you want to get a feel for the game before playing for real money.

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