A preview of the NetEnt casino game : HiLo Switch Pro

HiLo Switch Pro is an easy game to understand, as you are deal 3 cards and then for each card you are prompted if you want to bet over or under the card amount. All bets pay out even money and all pushes are won by the dealer. When you are dealt 3 cards you have 2 chances to switch the hand and get a new one and it does not cost you a dime. After each card you can either collect the win or let it ride continuing to wager on the next card and then you can collect again or let it ride again and play the last one. However, you can collect at any time. Even if you win the first 2 cards, but lose the last one and do not collect after the first 2 you will lose all of your money. In the game the King is the highest ranked card and the Ace is the lowest.

There are 4 different chip denominations located at the lower right hand side of the attractive HiLo Switch Pro interface and to bet simply click on the one of the chips and then click on the Bet circle. There are 3 different betting modes in Low Roller, Standard, and High Roller, as the amount of each ship will depend on which mode you play in.

The graphics in HiLo Switch Pro are solid and you can adjust the game settings of audio, sound effects, background music, and speed by clicking on the wrench symbol located on the lower left hand side of the screen. If you want to play for fun or get a feel for the game before playing for real money you can do so by playing the free version.

Casino Mybet and Net Entertainment casinos are some of the sites that offer HiLo Switch.

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