A preview of the RTG casino game : Keno

Real time Gaming (RTG) has an online version of Keno that is just like the game at casinos, but it may be even better and the reason is wince there is no waiting periods between games and the markers are virtual and the game marks your Keno card for you. RTG Keno not only has solid sounds and graphics, but you can be sure that your financial and personal info is totally secure.

In RTG Keno there are 80 numbers (1-80) on the virtual Keno screen and you have to choose 15 numbers that you think will hit. On the left side of the screen the payouts for the selections you choose are shown. The payouts in RTG Keno are different and they will depend on what numbers you pick. The numbers will be highlighted white when you make your number selections. You have the choice of how many games you want to play, as you can play 1, 5, or 10 games. You can keep track of your game results on the right side of the screen. You do not have to make number selections if you choose the Quick Pick option, as the 15 numbers will be automatically chosen for you.

In RTG Keno when you make a winning number pick that number will be highlighted in yellow and a little bell will sound. The bet for the RTG Keno game is $1 and you can bet more, but will have to play more games.

You can play Keno at many RTG casinos and at Bodog Casino.

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