A preview of the NetEnt casino game : French Roulette Pro

French Roulette Pro only has one zero on the wheel and what this does is give you better odds than the American version on the game, which has 2 zeros on the wheel. Th only other special thing about French Roulette is that there is the La Partage rule and this is when you make an even money wager and the ball lands on the zero you will lose only half of your bet. Other than the name of the game is the same, as you choose what number you think will be spun on the wheel and bet accordingly.

You can bet on single numbers, 2 numbers, 4 numbers, rows, and columns. The Even money bets have French names such as Odd (Impair), Even (Pair), 1-18 (Manque) and 19-36 (Passe). The higest payout for the game is for a single number, which pays out 36:1. The hot numbers are shown meaning the ones that have been hitting more and they even show you the percentage of odd or even bets.

To make a bet playing French Roulette Pro you just have to click on a chip and then place it on the bet you want to make on the virtual betting table. After you make a wager you can click spin and the wheel will spin and then a box will show up telling you what number was hit on and how much you won or lost. There is also the Quck Spin option where if you click it the wheel does not spin, but the box will automatically show up. After a spin you can re-spin using the same bet or clear your bets. This Net Entertainment offering has wonderful graphics and sounds, which can be adjusted.

French Roulette is provided by NetEnt casino software and can be played at Casino Luck.

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