A preview of the RTG casino game : Aces And Eights Video Poker

Aces And Eights Video Poker is a poker variation game that pays out on many hands with the bigger payouts coming by getting deal different 4 of a kinds. You are dealt 5 cards and you can choose to keep cards or discard them and then you are given another deal to complete your final 5-card hand. There are no wild cards in the game and the bigger payouts are given if you are dealt four eights, four aces, 4 sevens, and any other four of a kind.

The other payouts in Aces And Eights Video Poker are from the poker hands at Jacks or better all the way up to a Royal Flush. The best payout in the game is for getting dealt a Royal Flush and if Lady Luck is on your side and you are dealt one you can win 4,000 coins. To win the top jackpot you will have to click on the Bet Max button located at the bottom of the screen.

To make a bet playing Aces And Eights Video Poker simply click on the chips, of different denominations, located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. The graphics in this RTG game are stunning and the sounds, which can be adjusted, just add to the fun of the game. At the bottom left hand of the screen you will see your current game balance and at the upper right there is a help button if you have any problems.

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