Betsoft's Frog Hunter Video Slot Review

Betsoft is known for high-quality, entertaining video slots, and Frog Hunter is another great addition to their lineup. This video slot uses five reels and five paylines, and that makes it easy to keep up with where your winning combinations are coming from. You can get paid from both the left and the right in this video slot, a feature that effectively doubles your chances of winning, and you can choose coin sizes ranging from $0.02 to $1.00 each. Frog Hunter is based around a group of hilarious frogs and the animals that are coming after them. It has a very clean interface, and it's really easy to know exactly what's going on with every single spin.

You'll want to watch out for the Dragonfly Bonus feature when you're playing Frog Hunter. You get a shot at instant prizes worth up to 25 coins if you line up a dragonfly with one of the male or female frogs. You get a chance to apply a multiplier to your instant win as well. You'll have to pay close attention to the reels to see when one of the frogs lands beside of a dragonfly so that you know you're about to win the bonus prize. However, don't worry about missing it because it's paid out automatically.

Pick up at least three of the water lily symbols side-by-side, and you'll get a second screen bonus feature. The frogess (frog princess) will give you a chance to cross the river on the lilies, and you'll get prizes paid out as a multiple of your original bet based on how far you get. Overall, Frog Hunter is a very cute video slot that offers several different ways to get paid.

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