Casino Side Bets : Side Bets in Online Casino Games

Software companies have made gambling a little more exciting by offering the option of side bets in online casinos. Side bets are available in games such as poker, roulette and blackjack. In some games, side bets are mandatory so the player needs to be sure what the wager is before playing.

Identifying a Side Bet

Online casinos will usually remind a player through a text or voice message that a side bet is an option. In most cases, the player needs to click on an additional button to place a side bet. But where side bets are mandatory, such as in Roulette Royale by Microgaming, there may be no warning other than when the player's game balance depletes at a more rapid rate than expected. The best way to avoid this is to research the game before playing it.

Reasons to Place a Side Bet

In addition to making it more fun, side bets in online casinos can net a bigger payout. Caution should be exercised, however. In some games a side bet is forfeited if the player quits the game or folds, whereas some side bets are settled exclusive of main play. The player needs to determine which option the game offers before placing a side bet.

Side bets in online casinos are offered as an option to make playing more exciting. Newer players should only place an occasional side bet to avoid losing more money than they are willing to risk. More experienced players who know the ins and outs of side bets may want to make them more frequently, especially in a progressive jackpot situation.