NetPlay Announces Revenue Gains

By: Russell Potvin, November 4, 2013

Interactive gaming is something that has taken over the landscape, as we all know. And one of the leaders in this area is a company called NetPlay TV, which is engaged in a method of operation that is much different than the "conventional" online casino.


They have announced that the generated revenues have gone up 19% in the third quarter, which is one of the most encouraging pieces of news the company has ever had. What were the reasons for this? Well, certainly a major consideration is the fact that people have been trending toward playing "on the move." That is, they are taking their mobile devices or their tablets with them as they go through their day and they are participating from there in what NetPlay TV has to offer. One can only conclude that since activity on mobile devices isn't likely to be reduced, especially with better technology on the horizon, revenues can be expected to continue rising.

Understand that when companies talk about revenues being "up," they are speaking about revenues for the quarter that corresponds with the same period of a year before. In this particular case, NetPlay TV brought in revenues of £5.4 million for a period of July through September in 2012, and that was compared to the same period this year, where there was £6.5 million for those three months.

The revenue that came from the mobile and tablet gaming market more than doubled than the same period last year, which is not only encouraging but very exciting. It vividly illustrates the trend in this method of access to gaming. And this group accounted for 40% of the casino players new to NetPlay TV who made deposits. The 32% of all revenue they accounted for also marked a 32% increase from a year ago.

Active depositing players taking advantage of many different types of bonuses, rose dramatically over the third quarter of 2012, with an increase of 29%. This also represented a 2% increase over the figures generated in the second quarter of this year.

One phenomenon that was found to be unusual was the fact that the total number of players reportedly decreased during the month of July, yet the total revenues experienced an increase.

NetPlay TV is publicly traded. And when increases in revenue are announced, that tends to have an effect on the stock. As far as NetPlay TV is concerned, the shares experienced an increase of 5% after they made the announcement about the third quarter revenues.

NetPlay TV is a big "player." In fact, it is the largest interactive gaming company in the UK. They create TV show formats and fit gaming around them. They have developed these formats so that people actually play through their TV, on their computer or through their mobile devices. The televised brand include ("Feel it for Real") and Jackpot 24/7 ("Its' Time to Play"). The mantra is "To deliver an interactive gaming experience to the mass market."

They are interested in being user-friendly, which is so critical when working through the medium of television. This is the "secret" at the heart of their success.