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    A lot of an online casino's success is determined by what software it uses. The casino software package that an online casino chooses determines which games are available to players and what the player's overall experience will be like. With the top software companies in this industry, hundreds of games can be made available at a single casino. However, even with such a large game selection, players can still get tired of games that come from the same group of developers. This is why the Microgaming QuickFire software platform is so awesome; it allows games from other software providers to be played at Microgaming-powered online casinos. Two new slot machine games are now available through this platform, and neither of them were developed by Microgaming.

    The first new game available is Journey of the Sun. This is a video slot that uses a format with 25 paylines. While there are a number of video slots available these days that are based on an Egyptian theme. Journey of the Sun has a lot to offer that other games do not because a lot of the game centered around the ancient Egyptian game of Senet. For example, when you trigger the free spins bonus feature, the number of free turns you receive and the size of your multiplier are determined by playing pieces on a Senet board. You get to play the Senet game again if you re-trigger the bonus feature, so you could be playing your free spins out for quite a while.

    The second new game available is Royal Roller. This is also a 25-payline video slot, and it's based on a Las Vegas casino theme. While most slots based on popular gambling towns use the theme in a superficial way, it's actually an important part of the game with Royal Roller. The free spins bonus round is based on a roulette game, and you'll have a chance to make a climb from being a poor gambler to a high roller as you play.

    Both of these games were produced by Genesis Gaming. They have also released a third slot by the name of Disco Night Fright that uses a werewolf theme along with the two games listed above. They aren't as popular as the big names in the online casino software industry, but they produce high-quality games that have seen a lot of exposure and popularity through the Microgaming QuickFire software platform.

    There are a lot of online casino players out there who only stick to the big brands like Microgaming and Playtech. However, CasinoLuck is giving players 50 reasons why they should try out their software instead. New players at the casino can pick up a set of 50 free spins at the Space Wars video slot. On top of this, new players who deposit at least $20 before the end of June will be entered into one of nine drawings to win a free iPad Mini for casino games. This is an excellent combination of prizes that are a great incentive to try out the Net Entertainment software available at CasinoLuck.

    Here's how this promotion works. Players will start off with a 100 percent match bonus on their first deposit of at least $20, and they will be credited with 50 free spins on the Space Wars video slot after sending off a quick email to support asking for them. The free turns are credited within 36 hours, and they can't be transferred to other games. On each Monday starting from May 6, a drawing will be held for all of the new players who have deposited at least $20 in the past week. Every $20 that you deposit gets you a ticket in the drawing, and you can get as many tickets as you want. You can enter all nine of the weekly drawings as long as you deposit at least $20 each week.

    The 50 free spins on the Space Wars video slot give you a chance to try out a new game without having to risk anything at all, and you can win real money prizes in the process. Space Wars is a 40-payline video slot with five reels. It offers stacked wild symbols, a wide range of crazy aliens who try to help you win and the skill stop feature. Hit the right symbols, and you could win even more free spins with your free spins that are given from this promotional offer.

    Casino Luck is a Net Entertainment casino that offers a number of high-quality games and excellent customer service. Their games are audited by Technical Systems Testing for fairness, and the payouts are controlled by Net Entertainment. This means that individual casinos can't change how the games pay out. With SSL encryption and a highly-trained security team, your financial information and personal details are always safe with the casino. Now is a great time to try out this awesome online casino with a set of 50 free spins on the hilarious Space Wars video slot.

    The big online poker boom that started around 2002 or 2003 took a hard hit in 2006 with the passage of the UIGEA in the United States. When "Black Friday" came in 2011, the poker boom could have easily been considered officially over after American players were effectively locked out of the online poker market. However, a lot of states have been looking to regulate online poker, and big online gambling providers like Aristocrat are taking big steps to prepare for the emerging markets in the United States.

    It was recently announced that Aristocrat has made a deal with OnGame that will see them offering OnGame's online poker services through their nLive product. nLive is a product by Aristocrat that is designed to make it easy for land-based entities to offer online gambling services to their players. The key to all of this is that Aristocrat can immediately offer play money games to get players used to what they offer. This is in anticipation of legislation that will make it clear that they are allowed to operate in different markets in the United States, and the idea is to get a head start on the competition.

    OnGame's online poker product is relatively popular, and according to Poker Scout's traffic reports, they are one of the top 20 online poker networks in the world. What makes OnGame so important to the emerging online poker markets in the United States is that their product is especially geared towards recreational players. They offer cool features like Hyperspace, a communication app that allows players to keep in touch; Strobe, a faster style of poker than normal tables; and a special player achievement system called Instant Rewards. With strategic positioning through deals like this one with Aristocrat, OnGame could very easily become one of the top five poker networks by player volume within the next couple of years.

    OnGame is owned by the Amaya Gaming Group, the same group who purchased and turned around the popular online casino software CryptoLogic. CryptoLogic had been losing money after years of being one of the top software developers in the industry, and Amaya completely turned them around in the past six months. That just goes to show that they really have a lot of momentum coming up to this deal with Aristocrat and that they are making a real effort at breaking into the top tier of companies in online gambling.

    Nevada revenues are on the rise. Over the past 12 months revenues are up 5.7% equaling $932.2 million.

    Winning a huge progressive jackpot is an online slots player's dream, and for most players, a dream is all it will ever be. However, one lucky player at Casino LaVida hit a big-time win that just goes to show that the big scores do happen. What's more is that this player broke the progressive jackpot record at Casino LaVida in the process. This is an absolutely amazing win because of the combination of the broken record and the background of the player who won.

    The player is being identified only as G.L., and he won more than €3 million with his win. The jackpot came from the Mega Moolah slot, one of the most popular progressive slots in the industry. This game paid out a big jackpot worth about €2.6 million earlier this year. However, what's even crazier about this story is that G.L. had been a member at Casino LaVida for less than a day, and he had made his very first deposit just hours before he triggered the big jackpot. This is one of the biggest examples of good luck that has ever been seen in the online casino world, and Casino LaVida is very happy to have been a part of it.

    The Mega Moolah slot is a 25-payline video slot machine that uses five reels. It has very small coin sizes that only go up to $0.05 each, and players can bet up to 125 coins on a single spin. The combination of tiny bet sizes and absolutely enormous jackpots have helped to make Mega Moolah extremely popular. This game has four different progressive jackpots available, and G.L. won the largest which is named the Mega. The other three are called the Mini, Minor and Major. Because the Mega jackpot starts out at €1 million every single time it's won, you are guaranteed to be a millionaire if you win.

    Being the first to debut a new game from a major online casino software company gives you an advantage in the market because you have something that is in demand that your competitors don't yet have access to. Casinos that operate under the SkillOnNet brand found this out through first-hand experience recently with the debut of the Doctor Love on Vacation video slot. This is a game that has been highly-anticipated because it's the sequel to the original Doctor Love slot. Players absolutely loved the original, and now they get to follow Doctor Love to his vacation.

    Created by NextGen, the Doctor Love series of slots follows a hilarious protagonist through his adventures of being the king of charm. With Doctor Love on Vacation, players will have a shot at a 5,000x jackpot that they can win by lining up five of the Doctor Love symbol on an activated payline. This is one of the larger top payouts for NextGen slots, and it just goes to show how big of a deal the release of this game is for them. Players who are familiar with the Doctor Love will know just how big of a deal it is for the sequel to finally be released because of the crazy success of the original.

    SkillOnNet has a policy that requires them to release at least one new slot machine per week. Doctor Love on Vacation is one of the new slots being released for the month of May. This game will be first released at online casinos like EU Casino, Mega Casino, Casino Red Kings and others that use the SkillOnBet software service. This service has been running since 2005, and it offers one of the highest-quality online casino software experiences in the online gambling industry. Sites that offer games from NextGen without using the SkillOnNet service will have to wait for some time before they can finally debut Doctor Love on Vacation.

    In any gambling scenario, there is a balance between risk and reward. Players put up money to place bets on the outcome of some event, and if the events unfold favorably, they show a profit on the wager. In a freeroll, however, things change dramatically. A freeroll is when a person has an ability to win a profit without having to risk anything, and this is obviously a good deal for the person who has a chance to win. At Golden Riviera Casino this month, you'll have a chance at a freeroll with over €25,000 in prizes that will be given out to players.

    From May 10 through May 20, Golden Riviera Casino will be hosting a freeroll slots tournament. The popular Avalon video slot will be used for the tournament, and players will be pitted against others in a leaderboard-style competition to see who has what it takes to pick up a piece of the €25,000 prize pool. Other prizes will also be available like a free cruise ticket to a random player who participates in the tournament and 50,000 Voyage Miles that can be used to book cruises. Players will pick up a special 100 Voyage Miles just for taking part in the tournament.

    The Avalon slot that is being used for this tournament uses a theme based on the adventures of King Arthur and the legends that surround him. Avalon features a free spin bonus round that gives players extra chances to win big prizes on top of a balanced paytable and excellent graphics. The Lady of the Lake and tons of other important characters from the King Arthur legends make appearances in this game, so if you're a fan of medieval times, then you'll absolutely love this slots tournament.

    Golden Riviera Casino is well-known in the online casino industry for putting on casino tournaments. Players from all over the world come together to test their luck and skill against each other in tournaments that are designed to put everyone on an even playing field to see who can perform the best at casino games over a set period of time. Competitive players really enjoy this format because it gives them a chance to test their skills, and it gives them something different to try instead of always playing against the house.

    A gambler's bankroll is the amount of money that he or she has set aside for placing bets, and preserving your bankroll is one of the most important aspects of betting on anything. Players use strategies, study trends and take advantage of special promotions to keep their bankroll padded, and Bet365 likes to give players an opportunity to add to their bankrolls whenever they can. This month, Bet365 will be given both their online casino players and online sportsbook users a chance to add to their bankrolls with special offers.

    Players at Bet365 Casino will be able to add on to their bankrolls on May 16 and May 30 with a Bankroll Boost deposit bonus. On either of these days, all you'll need to do is use the BOOST bonus code when you make a deposit. This promotional code will give you a 25 percent bonus that is worth up to $250. Players will need to deposit at least $25 to be eligible for this bonus offer. Since most online casino players make only one or two deposits a month, you may want to aim for the 16th or 30th so that you can pad your bankroll with this promotion.

    People who like to bet on sports with Bet365 aren't being left out. On Wednesday, May 15, Chelsea and Benfica are going to battle it out with their final pairing in the Champions League. Everyone is expecting this to be a very close game since both of these clubs are excellent, so Bet365 is offering something special to people who bet on it. If the end result is a draw with no goals, then you'll get a refund on your losing bets. This is a part of Bet365's Bore Draw Money Back promotion, and it's available on a wide range of bets for this game.

    When you're playing with Bet365, then you're playing with one of the most successful gambling companies in the world. With the most popular online casino in all of the United Kingdom and one of the industry's most successful online sportsbooks, it's hard to go wrong with Bet365. They have an excellent reputation, and their frequent promotions keep players coming back for more. If you want to add on to your bankroll this month, then Bet365 is definitely the place to do it no matter if you prefer to bet on sports or in the online casino.

    In the same way that social media changed how we use the Internet, multi-player games are changing the face of online casino play. Slots tournaments and other type of multi-player scenarios allow players to compete against each other for prizes instead of always having to go up against the house. This provides a change in pace for a lot of players, but it's slowly become the norm in online gambling. Once thought of as a solitary activity that people mostly did alone, multi-player and tournament games are opening up the social aspects of gambling that drive many to casinos in the first place.

    Microgaming is showing that they are riding this trend with their new Gold Factory multi-player video slot. This game features 50 paylines spread across five reels, and the game is based on a factory where fortunes are built and shipped out to winning players. This tournament was made specifically for slots tournaments and other multi-player scenarios, and the Boiler Room Bonus makes this clear. When a player gets at least three of the Gold Bonus Coin symbol on the reels, they get boosted up to different levels of the factory which give them better chances of winning and a key advantage over their opponents.

    Because the Gold Factory video slot was made especially for tournaments, Microgaming is wasting no time in using it for its intended purpose. Throughout the month of May, Microgaming-powered online casinos will be running three-day tournaments using this slot. The name of the tournament is the Midweek Moolah, and it runs each week for the rest of this month. Taking part in these tournaments gives you a great chance to try out a new game in a new format for a chance at taking down some impressive prizes.

    Microgaming has constantly pushed the envelope when it comes to online slots, and this has led to them creating a lot of trends that dominate the online casino world today. For example, their Thunderstruck video slot was one of the first video slots to feature a free spins bonus round with special multipliers, a feature that is now seen in a high percentage of games. Their success in the online slots industry is a part of their overall dominance in the online gambling industry. As one of the top two online casino software developers in the world, you can count on them to continue pushing games like Gold Factory as the social trend continues.

    Betting on horses is one of the most popular forms of betting in the world, but one of the problems with it is that the biggest races only come around a handful of times each year. If you like studying the history of horses and trying to pick out the best bets at the track, then you're really going to love what Bodog Casino has to offer. A new game called Virtual Racebook 3D has been launched at Bodog, and it gives you a chance to get everything you love out of horse races without having to wait for weeks between events.

    Virtual Racebook 3D works just like betting on real horse races, except the horses are virtual. They all have speed ratings, race histories and other information like what you would find on real horses, and you can use all of this information to try to make the right bets to earn a profit. You can get to know the different horses in this game and try to develop a feel for who will win if you play it frequently, and it allows you to place bets on horse races whenever you feel like it.

    Here's how Virtual Racebook 3D works. When you start the game, you'll be given a look at all of the horses that will be in the race. You can check out a lot of information about each individual horse, and then you'll be given the option to place your bets. All of the same bets that are offered at a real track are available with Virtual Racebook 3D including forecast and tricast bets. After you place your bets, you get to watch the virtual horses race in real time. Sweat your favorites as they try to win the race, or watch the slowest horses lag behind to win your lay bet.

    Bodog is known as a great place to bet on all types of sports and other events whether it's presidential elections, mixed martial arts, horse races, football or hockey. They have frequent promotions like a bonus promotion for the Virtual Racebook 3D that ran earlier this month and other bonus offers that come up on a regular basis. When you place your bets with Bodog, you can be sure that you're getting a lot of value.

    If you play online slots, your dream is to win a big jackpot. Some games offer static jackpots worth tens of thousands of dollars, and others offer progressive jackpots that pay out life-changing sums of cash, but the end goal is always the same: to pull down a big win. There have been three big winners lately at the online slots available at Bet365 Casino, and it just goes to show that they are a great place for online slots fans to play.

    To start things of, an unnamed player won more than £300,000 playing the Cop The Lot slot. This player has the right idea on what to do with the winnings. He said that he's planning on taking a vacation to Las Vegas, and he might also buy a Porsche that he likes. This player said that he normally prefers betting on sports with Bet365, but he often takes breaks from the games to play some of the slots available in their online casino.

    Another player by the name of Hakun H. picked up a jackpot worth over £300,000 with the Chests of Plenty slot. Hakun has only been playing at Bet365 Casino for a couple of months, and he's been very lucky since signing up. Like a lot of winning players, Hakun didn't realize how huge the jackpot was that he had won until he examined the screen more closely.

    Finally, the popular Super Diamond Deluxe video slot paid out a jackpot worth just over £270,000 this past month. The winner goes by the name of Napoleon Q., and he says that Super Diamond Deluxe has been one of his favorite games for quite a while. Napolean is going to try to get his mom to retire after his big jackpot win.

    Bet365 Casino is an excellent place for online slots players to play their favorite games. They produce several big jackpot winners each month, and many of these big winners have only played for a few weeks at the time of their big payouts. This online casino uses the Playtech online casino software, and this gives them hundreds of video slots to choose from. Many of these games have big progressive jackpots that pay out life-changing amounts of money to players who are lucky enough to win.

    The look and feel of a live dealer casino can make or break it. The whole point of a live casino is to offer players an experience that's similar to the look and feel of a real casino without making them have to drive or make for travel arrangements. If a live casino seems old and outdated, then it largely negates the point of players choosing to play in it. This can be especially damaging if the player joined just to play in the live dealer games, and this single factor can push these players away to other online casinos.

    Dublinbet ran into this problem over the past few years, and they are happy that changes have finally been made. The live games that they offer are dealt from the Fitswilliam Casino in Dublin, and now the skin that they are played from looks remarkably different. It has been updated in many different ways, but the overall result is a huge improvement that will likely change their retention rates on live casino game players. This casino has a lot of players who enjoy the live dealer games that they offer, so it's no surprise that they are very excited about the updated look.

    One of the big advantages of playing in the live dealer games at Dublinbet live casino is that players are allowed to play from several different tables at once. Most live dealer casinos only support play at one table at a time, and it's easy to see why players would want to play at Dublinbet instead. Their software interface makes it easy to set up different tables on different tabs like you would see in a typical Internet browser window. The overall effect is that Dublinbet's live casino games are more convenient and easier to manage than the competition.

    Video slots are by far the most popular portion of the online casino industry. Big online casino software developers have poured millions of dollars into funding the creation of new slots each year, and these games are what the majority of players look forward to when they log into their favorite online casino. While most online casino software companies approach video slots with a strategy based on quantity, SkillOnNet casino software focuses on quality instead. Some online casino groups can brag about having hundreds of video slots available, but if most of them look and feel almost exactly the same, then there's not much to brag about.

    SkillOnNet's 3D online slots are some of the newest in a series of games that they have provided to try to put even more emphasis on quality instead of quantity when it comes to video slots. These games recently broke the 100 million spins mark, a big achievement that SkillOnNet is very proud of. GhostPirates, VampiresFeast, FlipFlap, FunFair, and Magic and Wonders are the five 3D slots that SkillOnNet offers right now, and they all performed very well. However, VampiresFeast and GhostPirates are the two most popular from the bunch, though that could be because they are the oldest.

    Marketing head, Michael Golembo, released a statement about the record that talked about the huge growth that their online slots saw in the month of April. They picked up 100 million spins on just five games, and that really goes to show that video slot players prefer quality over quantity. Golembo believes that the introduction of FunFair, Magic and Wonders, and FlipFlap might have boosted the popularity of GhostPirates and VampiresFeast, and he believes that this could have been the driving mechanism behind the recent boost in popularity that these 3D slots have seen.

    SkillOnNet offers casino online software for operators that allows them to host a wide range of games like traditional casino games, video poker, blackjack and slots. Unlike many of the top online casino software providers, they are not primarily concerned with the quantity of games that they produce. Instead, with games like the five 3D slots that they offer, SkillOnNet focuses on the quality of the games. This approach has led to players staying loyal to their brand and games since the competition has a hard time giving them something that's as engaging to enjoy.

    Online casino operators are generally only as good as the products they offer. There are several different companies out there who develop online casino games, and online casino operators have to choose from one or many of them when it comes to deciding on which games to offer their players. The game selection, software platform selection and other factors go into the decision on which software company to work with. Whenever a big brand changes software companies or adds on a new one, it's usually a big deal because it signifies a lot of confidence in the software brand.

    According to a recent announcement by Tropezia Palace Casino, the casino will soon be adding in games produced by Net Entertainment (NetEnt). This is a big deal for the Tropezia Palace brand for a couple of major reasons. First, NetEnt slots and other games are among the highest-quality online casino games in the world. Second, Tropezia Palace will be able to offer mobile versions of several Net Entertainment titles. Using the Net Entertainment Touch platform, players will be able to play Net Entertainment games on their cell phones or mobile devices.

    The online casino is very excited about the news and one of the reasons why they are so excited is that most mobile casino players really love the Net Entertainment Touch software. The marketing department believes that entering the mobile casino market will be one of the keys for Tropezia Palace maintaining a good position in the gambling world.

    In much the same way that online casinos were new and exciting to players in the late 1990s and early 2000s, mobile casinos are the next big thing. The mobile casino market has been expanding over the past five or six years, and it's only getting bigger and better. As hardware and software improve at amazing rates, online casinos are starting to find that they have to push into the mobile casino market if they want to remain competitive. This new deal with Net Entertainment will help to make sure that Tropezia Palace starts into the mobile sector with a leg up on the competition.

    The online slot industry has been dominated by new trends for the majority of the past decade. First there were classic slots that were much like those found in live casinos. Then video slots came along and became the most popular type of game in all of online casinos. Features like free spins bonus rounds with multipliers and scatter symbols became the norm because they added so much more excitement to the games. After a while, the top casino software companies made hundreds of these games. However, 3D slots are looking like they could be the next big thing.

    SkillOnNet is showing that they're staying ahead of the curve with a new deal they've made with Sheriff Gaming. With this new deal, all of Sheriff Gaming's 3D games will be added to SkillOnNet's software package. With the addition of such high-quality games, SkillOnNet will be positioned to be the premier provider of quality games. While other software providers focus on having the most games, SkillOnNet's deal with Sheriff Gaming shows that they care more about having the best ones. Sheriff Gaming will also benefit greatly from this deal since their games will be offered in many more online casinos. This exposure could lead to better deals in the future.

    The online gambling world is all about giving players what they want. After years of high-quantity/low-quality online casinos dominating the landscape, things have started to rapidly improve for online casinos like those that use SkillOnNet's high-quality software. They have been putting together an impressive reputation since they were first established in 2005, and they offer a full selection of online casino games including over 15 different slots and four different progressives. With this new deal with Sheriff Gaming, a lot of great games will be added to SkillOnNet's software.

    The online casino landscape is dominated by software companies that have hundreds of games available. These top software developers have deals with most of the top online casinos, and that makes it very difficult for smaller, less-established online casino software developers to get big clients. Certain companies try to give these developers a chance by banding a number of them together in a software package that they can market to online casino operators.

    The Amaya Gaming Group is a company that does just that, and they have recently made a big deal with myBet Holding that has to do with their Ongame poker product. mybet Holding will be able to use Ongame's online poker services and their live dealer game services as a result of this deal. This agreement is a pretty big deal for myBet Holding because it will help them to round out their offering to online gamblers. Having a wide range of games available in different formats is a key ingredient when it comes to maintaining a loyal player pool, and that's exactly what myBet Holding is aiming for with this new deal.

    mybet Holding has been using the Amaya Gaming Group's online casino software platform for about eight years. With such a long partnership behind them, it makes sense that mybet would go with Amaya when it came time for them to expand into online poker and live dealer games. It will be interesting to see where this relationship goes from here and how myBet's online poker room will work out. Because live dealer casino games tend to attract players who prefer table games that you can find in a real casino, a lot of them will probably play in the online poker room as well. This type of synergy should help these players to stay loyal to the brand.

    Online slots players all have the same goal of winning a big jackpot or going on a nice streak of significant wins. When a new slot comes out, players from all over the world will play it to try something different as they try to hit a lucky run. With the new Silent Run video slot at Vera & John's Casino, a big winner came very quickly. Within 24 hours of the game being released, one lucky player picked up a couple of wins worth a nice five-figure sum. This is one of the fastest jackpot wins that we've ever seen after a new game was released.

    A player who goes by Johan was playing the new Silent Run slot at Vera&John on the day it was released, and he nailed a couple of big wins to collect a payday worth a total of €36,032. The way things started was that he picked up a free spins bonus round that won him €11,857 in prizes. Johan kept playing with his winnings, and it didn't take long for him to hit some big winning combinations worth €24,175. Something that makes this story even crazier is that it took him less than 10 minutes to turn his free spins money into an even bigger prize.

    The Silent Run video slot was recently released, and it features an underwater theme based around submarine warfare. With a free spins bonus round and a number of other great features that give players a lot of different ways to win sizable payouts, it's not all that surprising that someone was able to rack up a big win so quickly. Johan is very happy with his winnings, and chances are that he'll keep playing the awesome Silent Run video slot to try to win even more.

    We recently reported on a very lucky player from Vera&John Casino. The player's name is Johan, and he ran up a total win of €36,032 on the new Silent Run video slot. What no one would have anticipated is that Johan would soon go on a winning streak that would make this amazing feat look like child's play. By the time everything was said and done, Johan had won more than 10 times the amount that he won on Silent Run the day it came out. Here's how his crazy story unfolded.

    After his big set of wins on Silent Run, Johan started playing Day of the Dead. He picked up a big win of €118,500 on a single spin about five minutes into his session. Johan picked up another win worth €15,700 a few minutes later, and he went on to win a total of about €160,000 before the day was over. The next day, Johan was back at it. He was betting the max on Day of the Dead, and he managed to pull wins worth €26,200 and €122,300 within his first 15 minutes. The fun didn't end there, however. Johan managed to bit a monster €171,215 payoff just minutes later.

    A lot of players think about what they would do with the money if they won a large sum playing their favorite games at an awesome online casino like Vera&John. Johan has decided that he's going to pay for a new apartment where he and his son can live. He's been out of work for quite some time, and it's really great that he was able to come onto such a large amount of money during a period where he's been unlucky otherwise. We'd like to wish the best of luck to Johan in the future.

    Over the past three or four years, some of the most popular new online slots have been based on brands from film, television, video games, music and other media. Because people in general are aware of these big brands, it acts as a massive, built-in marketing push whenever a video slot is made based around one of them. Williams Interactive knows this better than anybody, and they have recently announced a video slot based on one of the biggest brands in history: the rock band KISS.

    The official name of the game is "KISS: Shout it Out Loud!," and it will be made available for operators who use the Remote Game Server product offered by Williams Interactive. This game is built using the Colossal Reels format, a format that is most commonly associated with the slots from brick-and-mortar gambling locations. The idea behind the Colossal Reels format is to give players a ton of different ways to win on a huge, oversized set of reels. There is a more typical 5x4 set of reels set up beside of the "Colossal Reels" 5x12 set. KISS has been one of the biggest brands out there for several decades, so it makes sense that they would have a slot that uses one of the biggest formats available in the industry.

    You probably can't imagine a KISS-branded video slot without tons of music from the band, and that's exactly what you get with KISS: Shout it Out Loud! Williams Interactive has debuted their new Enhanced Sound Presentation technology with this new slot just to maximize the enjoyment of players who will rock along with KISS as they try to hit big winning combinations on the reels. Rock and Roll All Night, Detroit Rock City and several other KISS songs make appearances in this game.

    Williams Interactive is owned by WMS Industries Inc. which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under WMS. Orrin Edidin, President and CEO of Williams Interactive, gave a statement about the release of the new KISS slot. He statement showed that he and the rest of Williams Interactive are very excited about the release of this addition to the Colossal Reels line of games.

    The Playboy brand is known all over the world as being a leading source of media for men's fashion, fitness, leisure and lifestyle. When anyone thinks of Playboy, they think of gorgeous women in the Playboy bunny costume. Microgaming has good news for people who are a fan of this brand with the introduction of the Playboy live dealer casino. With this branded live casino, you'll be able to play some of your favorite table games like roulette, Baccarat and blackjack with beautiful female dealers who are wearing the Playboy bunny outfit. With a combination of excellent games and attractive women, this new venture is sure to be a big hit among gamblers.

    Live dealer games are extremely important for online casinos because they allow players to jump right into an environment that looks and feels just like a live casino. Many people play in Internet casinos because they have a lot of advantages over their live counterparts, and the live dealer games give them just one more reason to keep coming back for more. Microgaming knows just how important these live games are, and that's why they offer a very high-quality live dealer product. Now with the introduction of the Playboy-branded live dealer games, their live dealer lineup has gotten even better.

    Speaking of the live dealer games, Jackpot City is a popular online casino that is powered by the Microgaming casino software, and they have recently added them. This will allow them to offer some of the most popular traditional casino games to their players, and it will definitely help to keep their popularity up. Jackpot City Casino has been up and running for over 15 years, and they have an excellent reputation in the industry for fairness and customer service. Because they are eCOGRA-approved and have such a good reputation, it's easy to see that they are an online casino that is in demand.

September 2013 Casino News