New iPhones Make Gaming Easier

By: Russell Potvin, October 2, 2013

The company that brought all kinds of innovations in smartphone technology is coming out with new enhancements for one of its models, and those enhancements are going to make it a much better experience for people who like to play casino games on their mobile devices.

Of course, the company we are referring to is Apple, and the product is the iPhone. In much the same way that this phone raised the bar on all communications devices of its type, the new iPhone variations will now "raise the game" for the mobile gambling audience, which is getting bigger and demanding more and more.

In concocting the new versions of the iPhone 5, Apple had in mind one that made things much simpler, and another that brought a few more bells and whistles. Let's talk about the bells and whistles first.

The iPhone 5S brings a faster processing speed to the table. That is music to the ears of mobile casino aficionados, and there isn't much of a mystery as to why. Remember that the casino games that are played on a phone are graphics-intensive, for example the ones found at 888 Casino, and require a robust back end. On a small device that's a challenge, as opposed to a big desktop or a laptop with a lot of power. The one thing no player wants to encounter is a game freezing up on them, or finding that play is stopped in the middle of a sequence. After all, there is real money at stake here.

The reviews on the iPhone 5S are in, and they reveal flying colors as far as the ability to maximize the kind of gaming experience that the online casino customer demands. As you are probably aware, the casino software companies that are developing these games emphasize graphics, and this is an area toward which special attention is paid.

Now let's get to an issue that is always a concern for anyone with an iPhone. That's battery life. With all the features, a battery's power is going to be sapped. And that is invariably going to cut off anybody's mobile gambling session, which doesn't do the casino that much good.

But the good news with iPhone 5S is that battery life is greatly improved, so customers will be able to take their game to the road with a lot more impunity and not have to worry about plugging it in at every turn.

Security has been improved as well, through the implementation of "Touch ID," a new feature that can interpret fingerprints through a scanning process. So if there is some worry about the idea of underage players accessing a game, or people who may have identity theft on their minds, Touch ID can help to address that issue.

We don't want to leave the iPhone 5C out of the conversation. This phone goes somewhat in the opposite direction of the 5S, in that it is scaled down to some extent. That doesn't mean that the visual quality is going to be compromised, but that some features may not be present. The intention is to make the phone more affordable, and that could also have the effect of bringing more mobile casino customers into the game, playing over a very high-quality mobile device.