Casino Roulette Variations : All Game Variations

Roulette is a simple game of chance, but there are several variations on this classic casino offering. Take note of the exact configuration of the wheel as you step up to the game, because your odds vary greatly depending on which of the two types of roulette games you will be playing.

American Roulette

If you're playing roulette in the United States, you will most likely be playing American roulette. With this type of roulette, the wheel has both a zero and a double zero. These two spots both result in a win for the house and give the house a significant advantage. With American roulette, the house advantage is 5.26%. The worst bet you can play in American roulette is the five-number bet, which ups the house average to 7.89% by placing two of your five numbers on the zero and double zero spots.

European Roulette

European roulette is played with a wheel that has only a single zero. This drops the house advantage to 2.7 percent, making the European wheel the best option for any roulette player. You may not be able to find this wheel easily in land based casinos, but some online roulette games are more generous with their offerings. To reduce the house edge further, look for a game that includes en prison and en partage rules. These allow you to stay or keep half of your bet if the wheel lands on zero.

Unless you're playing free roulette games, you always have something to lose in this casino game. The best way to keep your money safe is to look for the most profitable roulette variations with the lowest house edge.