Video Poker Rules : Free Video Poker Rules and Strategies

One of the fastest growing industries in the world today is the online gambling industry. There are hundreds of different casino games available online because of this, and one of the most popular is video poker. Before you jump right in, learning some of the rules of video poker is important to make a winning strategy.

Basic Layout

If you are familiar with slot machines, it is easy to learn video poker. It has a similar layout; you choose the size of your bet, click your mouse, and go. Video poker rules are best compared to a standard poker table. Once you are dealt a hand of cards, you must decide what you will keep and what you will discard. The machine will discard your cards and replace them with new cards. Your new hand will then be measured with a pay table based on the standard poker scale.


After you load up the video poker machine, you will see a screen divided into sections; one is for the cards, another for payout tables and one for the game logo. Beneath the cards, there is a series of buttons that are involved in the selection of stakes, each having a customized amount or a plus/minus symbol.

Playing your Hand

Once you set your wager, click the deal button. Your cards will shuffle, after which you will be shown two buttons: 'Hold' and 'Deal'. The hold button appears beneath each card and if clicked, that particular card will be held. After you decide which cards you want to hold, click the deal button and new cards will be dealt. If the hand is a winning hand you will receive an immediate payout based on the poker hand rank.

The rules for video poker are easy to learn, making the game a fun and fast alternative to the standard poker tables. Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are two of the most popular, and can be both found at Jackpot City. These and other video poker games operate on similar rules, making it easy to change what video poker game you're playing without confusion.