Best Craps System : Best Craps Strategy System

Although craps is not known for being overly difficult to play, there are a few craps tips that players should employ to get the most out of their game. Craps is a game of chance, but by correctly applying a few principles, players can make smart bets and prevent huge losses-- or maybe even secure a few big wins. Here are the top ten playing craps tips:

Play the Odds. Of all of the playing craps tips, this one is very important. Players must understand that their only leverage over the roll of the dice is to correctly--and smartly--weigh and play the odds.

Avoid Sucker Bets. Propositions bets are some of the most detrimental to the player, and these should be avoided at all costs. House edge on these bets ranges well over 16%, making a win nearly impossible.

The Gambler's Fallacy. Despite popular belief, there is no safety in patterns. Many gamblers mistakenly believe that previous rounds or rolls will have an effect on the rounds that are yet to come. This is simply not true, but it is important to remember that every round is independent of the next.

Learn and Apply the Rules. Players who are not familiar with the rules of the game--even the more obscure ones--are at a huge disadvantage when compared with the house and other players.

Watch for Mistakes. Although this is not one of the online craps tips, it is one to remember in an in-house setting. Dealers are human, and they can always make mistakes. Casinos always have a means of arbitration if a dispute cannot be settled at the table.

Use Betting Systems. One of the most exciting playing craps tips is using betting systems. Although it is mostly trial and error, betting systems add a level of excitement to the game.

Take Down Posted Bets. It is important to remember to take down posted bets, because if the player forgets about them they will remain on the table until they are eventually lost.

Play in the Present. This one of the great in-house and online casino craps tips. Don't worry about how the rolls will play out later, or how the rounds were going in the past. Concentrate on what is happening right now.

Follow Success. If there are other players that are having success at a craps table, follow their lead with your bets. It never hurts to try something new--or to try and get a fair share of the luck at the table.

Choose Casinos Carefully. One of the most understood craps tips is to only choose casinos that are recognized and renowned. Rogue casinos are notorious for mysteriously closing--and taking customer's money with them.

These 10 craps tips are sure to help any player--both novice and professional--improve their craps game. Although many of these tips do not apply directly to game play, they are great ways to mentally prepare for the game to come.