Craps Cheating : Craps Cheating Methods and Scams

Any time there is money involved as a reward for winning a game, cheating is more than likely to occur. Cheating at a casino is illegal and, if caught, a guilty party will be immediately removed from the casino and possibly charged with a crime. Unfortunately, not all guilty parties are caught before damage is done. To prevent being taken by a cheater, stay one step ahead of the game and know what to look for when playing a game in a casino.

Loaded Dice

The most popular form of cheating in a casino applies to the game of craps; loaded dice. Loaded dice are designed to give the gambler a statistical edge over the house or casino. There are two primary types of loaded dice; weighted dice and shaped dice. Weighted dice have been around just as long as the games with which they are played. A weight is inserted into the dice to make one or more sides heavier than the others. When the die is rolled, the weighted side has a better chance of facing the table, meaning the side of the die on the opposite side has a better chance of being number which is rolled. To prevent this, many casinos now use transparent dice. Since that practice began, people have started to make shaped dice which have rounded edges and/or corners that influence the rolls in the same way as weighted dice. Casinos try to prevent this by using dice with sharp edges, but seeing these subtle differences is difficult even for a trained eye.

Past Posting

The creation and use of loaded dice is difficult and the statistical difference is so minor that many people looking to cheat at craps don't see it as a worthwhile endeavor. Past posting is utilized in many games with a spin, like craps and roulette. It's a sleight-of-hand trick where a person places chips on a winning bet just as the dice come to a rest. Sometimes the dealer won't see it, but there are surveillance cameras and security guards watching for these types of tricks. Many people who attempt this form of cheating at craps often get caught and are prosecuted.

Many craps players find it to be no big deal to try and cheat, believing they are above the law. Both of these techniques are prohibited by law and can result in fines, fees, court hearings, and arrest.