Crazy Camel Cash Classic Slot Added to 21 Grand Casino Lineup

By: Russell Potvin, June 29, 2013

The online slots world is primarily dominated by video slots, but there are still some new classic slots that come out here and there that offer a lot for players. The Crazy Camel Cash slot is a game that falls under this description. The theme of the game is a camel race where they try to see who is the fastest. As a classic slot, this game doesn't have all of the frills that you would expect from a typical, modern video slot. Instead, this game focuses almost entirely on solid and frequent payouts from the normal paytable.

In Crazy Camel Cash, you're going to be looking at a pretty classic set of symbols. There are several bar symbols like you would expect, but there are also multiple camel symbols as well. There's only one payline in this game. Getting a camel anywhere on that payline will get you a payout, but the rest of the symbols require all three symbols to line up. When you get two camels on the payline, it acts like a wild symbol and gives you a 3x multiplier on your payout as well.

Your main betting option in this game is to choose whether you play with one, two or three coins. Players who are familiar with classic slots will want to know if there is some sort of bonus for playing with three coins, and there is. The payout for three camels is 500x with a single coin. It goes to 1,000x with two coins, but instead of being 1,500x with three coins, you get a bonus payout of 2,000x instead. This game is available at 21 Grand Casino now, so it's a great time to sign up and see what the frequent payouts of Crazy Camel Cash can do for your bankroll.