Slots Comparison : 3 Reel Slots Machines vs 5 Reel Slot Machines

There is an ongoing debate by gamblers everywhere over which type of slot machine offers the most fun and biggest payout. Some players feel as if the 5 reel slots offer more chances to win, while others feel that the 5 reel slots are too expensive. There are varying opinions about both types of machines.

Features of a 3 Reel Slot

3 reel slots are the simplest slot machines by design. They contain three reels of symbols and usually have only one pay line. Some 3 reel slot machines in casinos still utilize the old-time spinning wheels that resemble those played by the wives of gamblers in Las Vegas. The processor in the mechanized slot machines pre-determines the stopping point for each reel as soon as the player pushes the button. 3 reel slots usually have lower payouts than their 5 reel counterparts because of the limited number of winning combinations.

Features of a 5 Reel Slot

As the world enters more and more deeply into the age of technology, even slot machines are updated and digitalized for a more high-tech experience. 5 reel slot machines often display images on a screen as opposed to on actual spinning reels. The computer processor determines whether any particular 'spin' is a winner directly after the button is pressed. Unlike 3 reel slots, five reels offer players a larger number of winning combinations. Many players find that it is harder to hit the jackpot with 5 reel slots, but that the payout is much larger and much more rewarding.

Free Slot Machines

Bars, pubs and online vendors offer free slots that are designed solely for entertainment and not for a payout. Players 'gamble' with credits which are provided to them by the vendor for free. Wins only lead to more credits, which cannot be cashed in. Free slots are usually only found online on select gaming websites. These are a great idea for players who have 'slot fever' but do not want to spend their hard earned money to play. Some websites offer players a chance to play for real money as well, but this requires an online purchase.

There are a few differences between 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots, but determining which one to play can only be determined by the player's preference. Beginners may choose to stick with 3 reel slot machines while experts flock to 5 reel slots for a real challenge.