High Roller Slot Machines : Play High Roller Slots Online

High roller bonuses aren't just for blackjack, roulette, and poker. There are high roller slots games perfect for players who prefer higher stakes in their gambling. Players can bet it all on a single spin and win or lose big. The risk increases the excitement and the fun for the high roller.

Available Games

There are some very exciting slots games designed for high rollers. For example the Atomic Age Slots from Rival Gaming allows high rollers to wager $75 per spin. The King Kong inspired Cool Bananas from Cryptologic lets players wager up to $180 per spin and presents the opportunity to win up to $200,000. Bally Gaming offers Red, White, and Blue Sevens, a $1000 slot machine that has a potential payout of $2 million. Any of these games are perfect for a high roller who wants the chance to win big.

High Rollers Slots

There's even a game called "High Rollers Slots." This slots game offers five paylines and allows players to wager as little as $.05 and up to $5 per payline. The game features hippie-inspired symbols such as VW buses and peace signs. If the player hits the designated sequence of symbols, he or she can win the maximum payout.

High roller slots games are great for players who want the added risk that comes with wagering the maximum amount and the excitement of getting a chance at the biggest jackpots. However, players should keep in mind that to win the maximum, they have to bet the maximum each time.