Online Odds : Odds of Winning Blackjack

Having a keen understanding of odds can make a huge difference in any player's game - and bankroll. odds in general are not difficult to understand, and there is little difference in in-house odds and online odds.

Basic Odds

In all casino settings - whether online or in-house - the best odds can be obtained by understanding the likelihood of being dealt certain cards. The goal of is to have a hand with a total score of 21, or as close to 21 as possible. In order to do this, players must determine whether they would like to stand or hit. The odds of going bust grow exponentially with each card dealt, so it is best for players to understand when to stand. Most of the time, players are content standing at 17 or 18 when there is an opportunity for the dealer to bust.

Beating the Dealer

There is a specific set of rules that most players follow to successfully beat the online odds. The most important rule is that the probability of a dealer reaching certain totals. Mathematically, the dealer always has a high probability of reaching an end total of 16. For this reason, players who choose to stand at 15 and under are likely to get beaten by the dealer. In any case, it is best for the player to hit when his or her hand total is 15 or less.

Understanding online odds and how to wager in order to beat them is the key to improving a player's bankroll. There are many strategies out there for doing this; it is up to the player to find the one that works for them.