Online Strategy Chart : Advanced Strategy Charts

The goal in Blackjack games is to reduce the house's edge and beat the dealer in a game of odds. There are a number of tips and techniques for achieving this, but a large majority of players swear by strategy charts. These charts help outline the best moves for given situations and may reduce the house's edge to less than 0.5%.


strategy charts usually need to be memorized as some casinos won't allow players to consult them. However, players who play in online casinos can keep the chart close at hand to consult it for each hand as they familiarize themselves and learn the tricks of the trade. When consulted on every hand, the strategies on these charts can greatly improve a player's odds of winning over the long term. If players use the strategies only sporadically, the information on the chart cannot help them.

How They Work

When used regularly and correctly, strategy charts can help a player decide whether it's a better move on each hand to hit or stay, split or double down. The charts are designed with the statistics of each possible move and thus, include a great deal of information in each point. Many are color-coded and contain keys that decipher what each symbol and sign means. The chart may not always provide the exact right move, as there is really no way to predict the exact order of a deck. However, statistically, using a chart consistently will help a player win an edge over the long term.

There are dozens of possibilities in from the cards in the player's hand to the cards the dealer shows, and each possibility has a statistically advantageous move. Using a chart can help a player use the odds, beat the house, and profit.