Progressive Blackjack : Play Progressive Blackjack Online

Progressive blackjack games combine standard blackjack play with a bonus side game that has the potential to pay off big. Blackjack jackpots for progressive games are larger than traditional jackpots and add a whole new layer of interest to the game.

How it Works

To play for progressive blackjack jackpots, you must add an additional $1 side bet to each game. This dollar gives you the opportunity to win the ever-increasing progressive jackpot. Each time the jackpot is won, it resets to a designated starting amount that is typically between $10,000 and $50,000. From here, a portion of each $1 played for the jackpot will go into the winnings, ensuring a jackpot that continually grows. The more you play, the bigger the jackpot may be.

Jackpot Types

The method for winning a progressive jackpot with blackjack varies from one company to the next. With Playtech & Vegas Technology games, you need four aces in the same suit to win the jackpot. Cryptologic also requires four aces, but these do not need to be in the same suit. Microgaming's progressive blackjack game is titled "Triple Sevens," and true to the moniker, this game requires three diamond 7s for a win. The easier the winning cards are to achieve, the lower the jackpot tends to be.

Progressive blackjack is a fun way to add another level of intrigue to your online gaming. While your overall game play doesn't change, the results are infinitely more interesting, especially if you get to be the lucky online player who scores the progressive jackpot winnings.