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  • Software : Playsafe
  • Established : 2006
  • License : Norway

PlaySafe casinos are better known as PlaySafe Holdings AS and are based in Norway. PlaySafe is an investment company that focuses solely on the online gaming industry and helps online casino operators experience growth in their customer bases and their revenue.

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More Details About This Software

How PlaySafe Works

Unlike casino software developers, the PlaySafe Company actually makes its living by acquiring smaller online gaming operators with which to do business. In order to remain competitive in an industry that thrives on the larger gaming giants, PlaySafe offers a fantastic array of competitive services that are essentially in place to draw in more customers and set the casino up for expansion. PlaySafe casinos are marketed toward select customers of other, larger online casinos that may be more expensive or offer fewer options for gameplay.

PlaySafe Software

Since PlaySafe prides itself as being an all-in-one solution for casino operators around the world, their innovative B2B concept known as Action Marketing Tools Engine has gained a huge amount of popularity as a one-stop shop for everything needed to market and run an online casino. Some of their offerings include ActionStation, Action iCafe, ActionAffiliats, ActionLicensee and even ActionCards. Each of these features is focus on a different aspect of the gambling industry but provides access to them in a single, simple-to-use interface.

Although PlaySafe is a trusted name in online gaming, players should always remember that not every casino that bears the PlaySafe logo is reputable and safe. Like always, and even at PlaySafe casinos, players should read the terms and conditions carefully before making their first account deposits.

Written By Russell Potvin - More About The Author

Co-founder of, Russell Potvin has been involved in the online casino industry since 2003. His experience as a player advocate and affiliate marketer has enabled him to contribute to industry events and forums. You can join Russell on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Co-fondateur de, Russell Potvin a été impliqué dans l'industrie du casino en ligne depuis 2003. Son expérience en tant que défenseur de joueurs et un marketeur d'affiliation lui a permis de contribuer à l'industrie des événements et des forums. Vous pouvez rejoindre Russell sur Google+, Twitter et LinkedIn.