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  • Software : Vuetec
  • Established : 2002
  • License : Isle of Man

VueTec is one of several online casino software providers based in the United Kingdom that has years of experience under its belt. The company's main focus is to provide players with real-time games in the form of VueTec casinos that can be played from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

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More Details About This Software

About VueTec

VueTec is well-versed in online gaming and its staff has experience in Europe and the United States as well as throughout the Caribbean. They are proficient in casino ownership, management, operations and security. VueTec's wide range of online casino software gives players a completely interactive experience unlike any they have ever experienced. Since VueTec employs live dealers, the players' results are not determined by Random Number Generators - or RNGs. They are the results of a real, live casino game that just happens to be occurring in a different location.

VueTec's Offerings

The games provided by VueTec casinos are often referred to as distance games; this is in reference to the distance between the player and the actual casino where the game is taking place. Through a combination of high-tech video and audio feeds, players can really feel as if they are in their favorite casino. Blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker are all popular distance games in VueTec powered casinos and there are new variations being introduced to players on a near-annual basis.

Casino owners and players who are looking for something out of the ordinary when it comes to their online gambling experiences should feel right at home in VueTec casinos.

Written By Russell Potvin - More About The Author

Co-founder of, Russell Potvin has been involved in the online casino industry since 2003. His experience as a player advocate and affiliate marketer has enabled him to contribute to industry events and forums. You can join Russell on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Co-fondateur de, Russell Potvin a été impliqué dans l'industrie du casino en ligne depuis 2003. Son expérience en tant que défenseur de joueurs et un marketeur d'affiliation lui a permis de contribuer à l'industrie des événements et des forums. Vous pouvez rejoindre Russell sur Google+, Twitter et LinkedIn.