Best Payouts Slots : Highest Payout Vegas and Online Slots

Determining the best payout slots available is often a matter of trial and error. Although slots that offer progressive jackpots also offer the highest payouts, the slight chance of winning often steers players elsewhere.

Wagers and Paylines

The amount a player wagers and the number of available paylines has a lot to do with determining the best payout slots. For instance, a penny slot is not going to offer players nearly the same payout as a dollar machine. Also, if a slot machine has only 10 paylines to wager on, the amount of money a player can win is reduced substantially. In general, the more a player wagers on a wide number of paylines, the better the chance of getting the best payout.

Online vs. In-House

The best payout slots can usually be found online because of the massive amount of competition that online slots face. In-house casinos usually have little competition outside of the realm of Las Vegas. Because of this, slots payouts are not increased in order to drive business into their online casinos. On the other hand, online slots are faced with new competition on an almost daily basis. Because of this, it is important for them to be known as one of the best payout slots casinos available because it drives business to their website.

Progressive vs. Standard Jackpots

There is no doubt that progressive jackpots offer players a chance to win much more money than a standard jackpot. Therefore, slots with the highest possible progressive jackpots are the best payout slots. The only trouble is that the large progressive jackpots are hard to hit, and players will often invest most or all of their bankrolls attempting to win them. Standard jackpots are not nearly as large as progressive jackpots, but the odds of winning are much greater.

Both general opinion and casino type have a lot to do with determining the best payout slots. Above all, the way the player chooses to wager directly impacts the amount of money they might win.