Online Slots Tips : Betting Max in Online Slots

With the best Canadian online casinos constantly adding new features to their virtual slots machines, today's online slots are becoming more and more popular. Of all the new features being added every day, the 'Bet Max' feature is one of the most important.

How 'Bet Max' Works

Most slots that are available online have multiple paylines that offer players several different betting variations. If Bet Max slots offered 20 paylines, for instance, the player has the option of betting on whichever paylines they choose. Players also have the option to bet varying amounts per payline, often between one and five coins or credits. In order to bet low, a player can choose the 'Bet One' button and click it one, two, three, or four times depending on the number of coins the player would like to bet per payline. The introduction of the 'Bet Max' button allows players to instantly bet the maximum number of coins--in this example, five--on all available paylines with a single click.

Benefits of Bet Max Slots

The 'Bet Max' option provides players with a number of benefits, but the most important role it plays is benefiting the player in progressive jackpot situations. Most of the time, the progressive jackpot is only available to players who have chosen the 'Bet Max' option. The difference between the progressive and fixed jackpot payouts can be substantial, even when the progressive jackpot is at its lowest level. Scatter and bonus features are also great reasons to always bet the maximum with online slots. Although a player bets on certain paylines and only wins when the correct lines are won, the scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and not necessarily on the payline. The 'Bet Max' feature ensures that players collect the most money possible from the scatter and bonus symbols.

Bet Max slots are gaining popularity with die-hard slot players all over the world. The ability to win substantial amounts of money is definitely there, but it does require more initial investment from the player in the beginning.