Online Slots Bonus Games : Consider Online Bonus Slots Games

One of the most popular games in the online gaming industry is slots. The variety of slots games available may cause the player to have difficulty in choosing which one to play, but quick comparisons can make the choice an easy one. Many times, online slots players choose their game based on the payout table and avoid the games which have lower payouts. This can be a mistake; some games with a low payout have more reels, which increase a player's overall chances of winning, or they offer bonuses that outweigh any standard payout table.

Free Spins

The free slots bonus game with free spins is the most common, but the way that different slots reward them greatly vary. When considering what game to play, consider the number of spins offered, the multipliers, and whether or not the free spins can be triggered multiple times during a period of play. Some free spins games offer multipliers with the wild symbols, which are a form of "wild card," on certain reels. One such game is "Doctor Doctor" by Microgaming, that can be found in a few highly recommended casinos, Roxy Palace and Royal Vegas just to name a few. This slots bonus game has two special symbols that can appear during the bonus round; one is a yellow capsule that gives the player additional free spins, the other of which is a blue capsule that increases the multiplier. Like most slots bonus games, if it's triggered, it usually results in a high payout.

Bonus Games

The other popular type of free slots bonus game is a game that is played in a separate window. There is a lot more variety in these types of bonus games, thus making it more difficult to estimate their payout. To evaluate how much the payout could potentially be, look at the amount of levels in the bonus game and the number of pay lines; the higher the amount of levels, the more the payout. For instance, "Kung Fu Monkey" has a bonus game containing three levels, each of which increases the player's winnings.

The easiest way to determine the overall enjoyment and experience of an online slots game is to play it. Companies that market online slots games often offer free trial periods, so there is nothing to lose.