Online Slots Bonus Rounds : No Download Online Slot Bonus Rounds

Slot machines are simple, which is probably why they're so popular in Canadian online casinos. You sit down, make a bet, hit the spin button and let luck take the reins. Many online slots are adding another dimension to that in the form of bonus rounds. These bonus rounds add another way for slots players to win. There are so many types of online slots that you also have to consider bonus games when deciding what ones to test your luck on.

There are two major types of slots bonus rounds that can be found on online slot machines. The first is known as a "free spins" bonus round. Obviously, with these, you can win free spins that would have the same payout as the spin you won them on. Some free spin bonus rounds also offer multipliers to the bonus spins, allowing you to win several times as much as your initial payout would have been. The word "free" is usually enough incentive for people to try out free online slots with these bonus rounds, but make certain as to how often you can trigger them.

Another type of slots bonus round is a bonus game. These usually take you out of the actual slot reels into a game that has the same theme as the slots. Sometimes it's a matching game, other times it's just something you click and your bonus appears. If you aren't careful, you can lose your whole last bet if the bonus game has a "trap" spot that makes you lose everything. Most websites have a special payout table for their bonus games as well.

Many online slots have bonus rounds; before sitting down to play, you should figure out what they are and how they work. You should be able to find something you enjoy because of the variety available.