Andruchi : Roulette Betting System Explained

Among all of the known and named roulette strategies, the Andruchi roulette system is possibly the most popular. Beginning roulette players often use this system without even realizing it while playing in a Canadian online casino.

The Philosophy of the Andruchi Roulette System

The Andruchi roulette system is based upon the assumption that, over long periods of time, the ball will land on each and every number of the roulette wheel the same number of times. In shorter time frames, however, some numbers will be hit more often than others. Primarily, gamblers who choose to practice this system bet on the numbers that appear to be hit more often than others. Although there is nothing unnatural about this philosophy, many gamblers choose to stick with the same bets until they win, which can result in major losses. The Andruchi system is designed for short-term gains and should not be considered for high-rollers.

An Example of the Andruchi System at Work

For this example, let's assume that a gambler is going to observe the roulette wheel for a set number of 30 spins. An ideal scenario is one in which a player can quietly observe the wheel without actually playing. Because this is unlikely, it may be best to place small bets every few spins in order to gain the most from the observation. The next step is to simply record the number--or numbers--that came up most frequently during the player's observation. If two or more numbers tie for the top position, the gambler must either choose their favorite number or bet on each number individually. Then, they place the same bet on those numbers for 30 consecutive spins and hope that Lady Luck is on their side.

The Andruchi roulette system is commonly used by people who are new to the game of roulette. It is human nature to place bets on numbers or colors that occur more frequently than others. When taken with a grain of salt, the Andruchi system is a great way for anyone to enjoy the famed game of roulette.