Online Roulette Cheating : How to Cheat to Win

Even though "cheaters never prosper," it doesn't stop gamblers from trying to do so. Roulette has been a popular game for both players and online casinos themselves to try and cheat at over the years; players try to cheat the casino while the casino tries to cheat the players. It's interesting to take a look at the different ways people have tried to cheat at Roulette.

Rigged Wheels

The rigged wheel was a technique that a casino can use in order to try and give the house more of an advantage than it already had with the wheel's original design. Rigged wheels were commonplace until 1931, when new laws were put into practice to prevent casinos from altering the design of their roulette wheels. The new laws allowed authorities to seize gaming equipment to determine if it was rigged or not; if it was, casinos would lose their gambling licenses. Shortly after, rigged wheels disappeared and haven't shown up since.

Tampering With the Wheel

Casinos also cheat the roulette system by using magnets. The venue would have a roulette ball with steel inside so they could utilize magnets to move the ball to an area of the wheel that would be less advantageous to players. Other casinos attempt to tamper with the wheel by putting glue in the pockets in order to change the bounce of the ball. A small amount of glue is placed inside of pockets that provide the house with the advantage to increase the odds of players placing losing bets.

Late Betting

Players do not have to go to such lengths in order to try and cheat at roulette. The most common form of cheating for players is called "late betting." Late betting is the practice of putting a bet on the table after the final bets are taken and the wheel is spun. If a casino doesn't have a concrete rule about when the bet should be placed, players will attempt to bet when the dealer is looking away after the ball is spun. This involves perfect timing to pull off and the consequences can be severe if the cheater is caught.

Even though laws have been put into place and more gambling is done online, cheating at online roulette games still happens, both on the part of the casino and the people who play it. Surveillance equipment and security professionals try to prevent this from happening, but only so much can be done.