Casino Roulette Betting Patterns : Betting Patterns That Work

The key to succeeding at online roulette games is to establish a successful and steady roulette betting pattern. While straight bets can exciting, over the long term, reliable and consistent betting is the only real way to win and come out on top. Here are a few common roulette bettering patterns that have worked for others.

Called Bets

Some bettors swear by bets placed on certain sequences of numbers on the wheel. They believe these numbers are called more often because of irregularities in the wheel that funnel the ball to these specific numbers. For instance "Neighbors of Zero" places bets on the 17 numbers that fall between 22 and 25. The "Third of Cylinder" grouping places bets on the 12 numbers between 27 and 33. "Orphans" bets on all the remaining 8 numbers. It is worth noting that this betting strategy only applies to actual physical roulette wheels, and would be more than useless on a randomly generated roulette wheel online. You can practice what you just learned here, at some of our highly recommended sites, EU Casino or Maple Casino and try your luck!

Other Patterns

Another one of the more popular roulette betting patterns is the American "Five Number Bet." This pattern places bets on the first five numbers, 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This betting pattern actually gives the house a higher edge, so it should probably be avoided. There's also the "1st and 3rd column strategy," and is based on the roulette betting table. This bet covers all but five numbers as it places a bet on the first and third columns on the roulette table, and also places a coin on the black numbers. With such spread, it's almost impossible not to get a hit.

These popular roulette betting patterns allow players to cover groupings of roulette numbers on the premise that certain numbers are more likely to be hit than others. Betting patterns may not be as effective in online roulette, as hits are almost entirely randomly generated, but some die-hard roulette fans still swear by them.