Free Roulette Tournaments : Roulette Tournament Tips

Online roulette tournaments can be great fun for anyone who enjoys Canadian online casino play. With the potential for huge payouts, roulette offers the chance for big money. At the same time, strategic small bets can be the key to long term wins over the course of a roulette tournament.

The Payouts

Roulette has a number of different betting strategies, and different players swear by different ones. On the one hand, some prefer the even money bets, such as red and black, or odds and evens. These bets are based on even splits of the wheel and have a payout of 1 to 1; a $10 bet can win a player $10. On the other hand there are straight bets, where a player picks a single number on the wheel. These bets pay out much higher at 35 to 1. For roulette tournaments, many strategists will advise a player to stagger his or her bets. Play some safe bets and also take some risks at Jackpot City Casino, one our personal favorites.

Staggered Bets

The best roulette tournament strategy is this: players don't want to lose lots of money, but they also want to have a chance at winning big. The best way to do this is to place a large number of conservative bets but contribute a small portion of the bankroll to straight bets. This way, the majority of a player's money stands a healthy chance of delivering returns. There's also the slim chance that the straight bet can net some big wins. By staggering the bets in a roulette tournament, the player almost guarantees money in the bank.

Other players will insist the only way to play in roulette tournaments is to put all the money on a single straight bet and let it ride. While this risk may appeal to some, it may not be the safest or smartest way to bet. Staggered bets play the odds, but still allow the player to enjoy the thrill of betting on a single number.