Online Roulette : Principles that Govern Roulette

Like many games of chance and odds, online roulette is a game of principles and rules. The key to succeeding at the game is to know the rules and how the laws are applied. Figuring out the rules of roulette mathematics can give a player an edge on the house and allow him or her to make smart and hopefully lucrative betting decisions.

Roulette by the Numbers

Roulette mathematics is relatively straightforward in online gambling. There is one ball that is spun on the wheel and it can land on any of 38 numbered slots: 1 through 36, plus the zero and double zero. The odds of that ball landing on any of those slots are equal to its landing on any other: 1 in 38. If a player bets on a single number and the ball lands on that number, he or she is paid out 35 to 1 on their bet. That means if a player bets $10 on the number 7, and the ball lands on 7, then the player wins $350.

Other Bets

Of course, when bets start getting involved, roulette mathematics grows a bit more complicated. On the roulette wheel, the numbers alternate between the colors red and black. Players can bet on the ball landing on a red number or an even number. These are known as even bets, as there is about a 50% chance that the ball will land on red or black, even or odd. These bets pay out 1:1, so a $10 bet will win a player $10. There are also corner bets, street bets, column bets, and more. The odds on these bets depend on how many numbers are involved, so they are always easy to calculate. Try your odds at 888 Casino, and just remember there are always 38 total slots and an equal chance the ball will land in any one of them.

By knowing the odds, players can place their bets strategically. They can be conservative with even bets, or risky with straight bets. Figuring out roulette mathematics should be easy with the information above.