Casino Roulette Side Bets : Inside Bets That Work

Playing online roulette games with side bets can help add a touch of excitement to an otherwise boring game of online roulette. By adding side bets, players can up the potential to win money, but can also add another dimension to the relatively straightforward betting style of traditional roulette.

Progressive Jackpots

One way players can spice up online roulette with side bets is to bet towards a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots are very popular because these pots grow very quickly and offer players the chance to win big money. In Roulette Royale, a roulette game from Microgaming, for just a side bet of $1 with each spin players can win the progressive jackpot anytime a number is called consecutively five times. This means, for just $1 a spin, players can automatically win thousands of dollars, regardless of their own bets. The chances of hitting the jackpot are very low, but when it hits, the payout is worth it.

Hot Streaks

Another great game of online roulette with side bets is Roulette with Hot Streak Bonus from WagerWorks. By placing the side bet in this game, players can wager on a set of six numbers called Hot Streak groupings. If any of these numbers is called in the spin, the chance to win begins. That Hot Streak grouping is activated, and if any of the other numbers is called, the winnings add up. For each one of the six numbers that gets called in the next few spins, the players' bet can turn into a payout of up to 25,000x the original wager.

Players should be careful of some side bets in roulette. Payouts are very rare, so side bets should only be considered as an extra fun dimension to the game. Hoping for a progressive jackpot in roulette is often only a great way to get disappointed.