Roulette Cheating Strategy : Winning Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a game of chance, but there are actually many ways to cheat at the game. These roulette cheats have been used by players for many years. However, cheating at roulette games is a dangerous thing to do - if a player gets caught, there can be jail time and big fines.

Online Roulette Cheats

It is very difficult to cheat at roulette online, but some crafty players have devised online roulette cheats. One method of online roulette cheating is to use a computer program to evaluate the likelihood of where the ball will land. However, this method can be detected by the online casino because the algorithms of the bets can recognized, alerting them that a computer is being used to place bets rather than a person.

The Dealer Cheat

Players can cheat by evaluating the spin of the roulette dealer. Some people believe that dealers develop muscle memory and know how to spin the wheel so the ball will land in a certain slot. To use this roulette cheat, a player watches the dealer closely to see if how he spins determines where the ball lands and if there are any patterns; he then places his bet accordingly. The player can also attempt to make friends with the roulette dealer to see if he will then spin in the player's favor.

Past Posting Cheat

In the following roulette cheats players need to be very sneaky. These cheats occur after the dealer spins the roulette wheel. The cheating player waits until the spin ends and he knows the winning number; then he sneaks his bet onto the table. The player can also place a bet before the spin, and then switch his bet to the winning space on the table once the ball drops in the slot. These methods would obviously not work as online roulette cheats and dealers in land-based casinos are very aware of these methods of cheating, so beware.

Roulette cheats are common, but a player has to be very good at cheating to get away with it. Roulette cheats can be detected, so the best method of playing is to use odds and bet accordingly.