Roulette House Edge Odds : Understanding the Advantage

The roulette house edge can range from very low to dangerously high depending on the game you're playing. Understanding the edge that the house has as well as the odds for winning, will help you make the best decision for your wallet when choosing a game at a new online casino.


All bets on a roulette wheel have the same odds with the exception of one. A five number bet on a double zero wheel which covers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 returns only 35 chips. All other bets in roulette return 36 chips. Therefore, this particular bet is the worst possible choice when playing roulette in an online Canadian casino. It gives the house a whopping 7.9 percent edge.

Single Zero Wheels

Single zero wheels are the best option when playing roulette, and are most commonly found in Europe. This roulette wheel gives the house an edge of only 2.7 percent. When playing with the en prison rule, the house edge on a single zero wheel drops to just 1.4 percent, making this the best possible way to play roulette.

Double Zero Wheels

Double zero wheels are more commonly found in the United States and make a much poorer choice for gaming, because the house edge is significantly higher. The roulette house edge for a double zero wheel is 5.3 percent. With the en prison rule, the edge drops to 2.6 percent, though this rule is less commonly used with a double zero wheel than it is with a single zero wheel.

Understanding the roulette house edge will help you turn this game to your advantage whenever possible. Evaluate the roulette game you're about to play carefully to determine whether it's worth your time, or whether the risks are too high.