Quad : Roulette Betting System Explained

At its core, roulette is a game of luck, either playing at an online casino, or at a brick and mortar casino. However, there are a few betting strategies to help players improve their odds of winning. Quad roulette systems are different ways players can corner small wins on the board, without losing it all on a big gamble on a single number.

Double Street Quad Strategy

The double street quad strategy allows the bettor to cover seventeen numbers where the roulette ball could possibly land when the wheel is spun. The player uses six chips on every spin. He or she bets one chip on one quad and then two chips each on two double streets. The final chip can go on any number not already covered for a straight-up bet. The payoff on the double street bets are 5:1, while the quads are 8:1. As with all straight-up bets, the payoff for the single chip bet is 35:1.

Five Quad Strategy

Another quad roulette system using six chips is the five quad strategy. This strategy allows the bettor to cover up to 21 numbers. The player places five chips on different quads, or the intersection of four squares. The sixth chip can then be placed on any other number. The payoff for the quad bets are still 8:1, so the player stands to make a profit of 3 chips if the ball lands on any of these quad bets.

Gambling is all about playing the odds. In a roulette game, there's only one ball, and there are equal chances of that ball landing on any of the available numbers. By spreading out the risk in Roulette with a quad roulette system instead of risking it all on a single slot, the smart player maximizes his or her chances of leaving the table with winnings.