6 to 5 Online Blackjack : Blackjack with a 6 to 5 Payout

Several casinos have taken to advertising a new payout scheme for online blackjack games. Instead of the normal 3 to 2 payout, these casinos have begun to offer 6-5 payout. While novice players might jump at the chance to supposedly win more money, the higher numbers obscure the fact that a 6 to 5 payout is actually much worse than 3 to 2. Smart blackjack players avoid 6-5 blackjack for the following reasons.

Lower Payouts

First, and most obvious is the fact that 6 to 5 is a much worse payout than the more typical 3 to 2. While a $10 bet would win a player who got a natural blackjack $15, in 6 to 5 the player would only win $12. Those who pay attention and do the math would realize that a 6 to 4 payout is equivalent to 3 to 2. Thus when a player wagers $4 in a 3-2 game and wins, he or she gets back $6. With 6-5 payout, the player has to play $5 to get the same payout. Because this just costs the player money in the end, smart players avoid 6-5 blackjack and stick to the 3-2 tables.

House Gets a Better Edge

Those who don't shy away from 6-5 blackjack are just handing money to the casino. For every game that uses a 6-5 payout instead of a 3-2, the house gains an additional 1.39% edge. The house already has enough of an edge, and players don't need to help them add to it. Some online casinos will attempt to sweeten the deal on their 6-5 tables, by offering to use only a single deck at a time. Single deck games are easier to keep track of, and card counters can quickly turn a game to their advantage. Still, with the lowered payout, the incentive may not be worth it.

The more players who avoid 6-5 blackjack tables, the less likely it is that more casinos will adopt this unfair payout scheme. Players should consider their winnings and not fall for this deceptive payout scheme.