Multi Hand Blackjack Odds, Tips and Strategy

Casino software provider Microgaming offers variations on casino favorite blackjack with multi-hand blackjack. With this game, players can play multiple hands of blackjack at once, making the game exciting and offering players the chance at even bigger wins.

Many Offerings

Microgaming offers multiple different versions of blackjack online. From Multi-Hand Spanish Blackjack with its Late Surrender option, to Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack complete with insurance, players really have options when it comes to choosing their favorite version. They can even choose how many hands they want to play up to five possible hands, giving them up to five chances to beat the same dealer hand. This gives players an edge, increasing the odds so that it's almost impossible to lose.

Added Features

Playing multi-hand blackjack in a Canadian online casino, is a lot like playing blackjack live, but there are some added features to make it that much more exciting. Microgaming's games feature cutting-edge graphics that simulate the look and feel of a real casino. Sound effects add to the experience, lending a feel of excitement and anticipation. Players can enjoy the game they know and love as they try to beat the dealer and avoid going bust.

Instead of just one chance at that elusive 21, with multi-hand blackjack online players have multiple chances every round to beat the odds. While Microgaming is not currently available to customers in the United States, other players around the world can take advantage of, and enjoy, the variety of multi-hand blackjack games that Microgaming offers.