Blackjack Switch Strategy : Blackjack Switch Strategy Chart

Blackjack Switch is a relatively new blackjack game variation that brings excitement into the game for players of all skill levels. In Blackjack Switch, players are dealt two hands and have the option of switching the second card between hands in order to create the best combination.

Standard Blackjack vs. Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch strategy is often the same as standard blackjack strategy. The only difference is that players have more options to create a favorable hand. There are some differences in the game, however. If the dealer manages to get a score of 22, this score will push - or tie - any score the player can achieve. This is true unless the player is able to get a 'natural' or a two-card 21 blackjack. Blackjack Switch strategies vary based upon these rules, but they are not difficult to understand and employ.

When to Make a Switch

Perhaps the most important Blackjack Switch strategy lies in understanding when it makes sense to actually make the switch. Sometimes, the reason to switch is obvious. For instance, if a player is dealt an Ace and six in one hand and a Queen and ten on the other, the player can switch the cards in order to create a blackjack in one hand and a 16 total on another. Sometimes the reasons to switch the cards are more subtle, and players will acquire the skills necessary to determine this as their skill level increases.

Goal of Switching

Switching cards is always done in order to improve the player's chance of improving their hand, while enjoying the thrill at a Canadian online casino. Sometimes, the player may end up taking a 'stiff' hand, but as long as the switched hand can be improved upon more easily than the original hand, the switch was a wise decision. Once a player has decided whether or not to switch cards they can begin to employ the standard Blackjack Switch strategy.

Blackjack Switch is designed to give players a brand new way to enjoy the game of blackjack. Although players must decide when to perform a switch, Blackjack Switch strategy is very similar to the strategy for standard blackjack.