Hi Opt 2 Blackjack : Hi Opt 2 Backjack Card Counting System

The Hi-Opt II card counting system was developed by Lance Humble with the assistance of Julian Braun, who developed the original Hi-Opt system. Humble's goal was to turn the original Hi-Opt system into a more advanced card counting system that would be favored by professional blackjack game players all over the world.

How the Hi-Opt II System Works

Although similar to the original Hi-Opt card counting system, the Hi-Opt II system assigns card values in excess of +1 or -1. It is considered a multi-parameter system and is favored by professionals worldwide. The card values assigned to each card are designed to more accurately reflect the importance of the card to individual players. For instance, the 4 and 5 cards are considered the best cards for the dealer, so they are counted as +2. The 3 and 6 cards are extremely advantageous to the player, so they are rated as a +1. The 2 and 7 cards are also assigned a value of +1, while tens and face cards are considered -2. The Ace remains neutral due to its flexibility.

Hi-Opt II vs. Other Card Counting Systems

The multi-parameter blackjack systems are more difficult to utilize because they require the player to count pairs of cards and combinations of cards and keep them in memory. The strength of the Hi-Opt II system is worth the trouble, however, because it outperforms its predecessor. Although not perfect with a .671 playing efficiency quotient and .91 betting correlation, Humble was able to sell his system for more than the previous Hi-Opt system was worth. Undoubtedly, there are simpler card counting strategies available to blackjack players, but professionals who are looking to make a profession of the game still rely on the Hi-Opt II system.

The Hi-Opt II card counting system is one of several options available to blackjack players. The multi-parameter system makes using it a bit difficult for beginning and intermediate players, but those using simpler systems can look forward to someday mastering the Hi-Opt II.