Blackjack Double Down : Doubling Down in Blackjack Rules

The double down in blackjack games is a bold move that can result in significantly increased winnings when used correctly. Naturally, every attempt is a gamble, but there are several factors that will increase the player's chances of winning with a double down. Where this option is available, it is a thrilling way to up the stakes.

Rules for Doubling Down

Doubling down is not permitted in all casinos, and the specific rules for using this maneuver vary. You may be required to have a two-card hand to double down, or you may be able to do it at any time. Rules for a blackjack double down are generally more lenient for online casinos than brick and mortar establishments.

Doubling Down Strategies

The blackjack double down should only be used when the player has a very good hand. If there's a high degree of uncertainty, it's not the time to use this move. If the dealer has cards between two and six, this generally indicates a good time for a riskier move. When you see a poor hand from the dealer and have better cards of your own, you may want to consider doubling down.

The more often a blackjack double down is permitted, the lower the house edge becomes. If you're playing at an online casino that allows a double down with any hand, you know you're playing with relatively good odds of winning. You can also implement this technique for casual games played at home to make things more interesting.