Single Deck Blackjack Strategy : Single Deck Blackjack Chart

Blackjack lends itself well to a multitude of potential strategies. Avid players will no doubt have developed a complex set of personal rules for the game as well as techniques that they find most useful. While these will work in most situations, playing online blackjack with a single hand creates a truly unique game that calls for different strategies.


Single deck blackjack strategy should focus on the fact that you have a much better chance of predicting hands in this game than you would with multiple decks. Keeping track of cards is tricky to begin with, but it becomes nearly impossible with seven or eight decks. With a single deck, however, it's easy to determine, for example, that if you have two of a certain card, the likelihood of revealing another is relatively low.


On a more complex level, blackjack single deck strategy has some clear cut guidelines. If you have an 11 against the dealer's ace, you should double, though you would ordinarily hit. As well, if you have a 5 and 3 combination against a dealer's 5 or 6, you should double this rather than hitting. A pair of 7s against a dealer's 10 should stand rather than hitting. These simple strategies will help you keep ahead of the game and maximize you chances of winning while enjoying online gambling.

Though it's tempting to try and count all of the cards in a single deck game of blackjack, resist taking this idea too far unless you're truly talented at it. Chances are that you'll lose track at some point in the game, in which case you should simply follow your basic single hand strategies and hope Lady Luck stays on your side.