Revese 14 Count Blackjack : Revere 14 Betting System

One of the first blackjack strategists, Lawrence Revere has introduced some of the most effective and tested blackjack systems for beginners and professionals alike. His Revere 14 Count is one of the more complicated, but also more effective strategies. Because it is a level-four count system and requires a great deal of practice to learn, the strategy is limited in its usefulness. Still, it maintains a level of prominence in the history of blackjack.

The Counting

The Revere 14 Count requires the player to perform and keep track of a good deal of math. Each of the cards in a deck are assigned a numerical value. On the positive side, all 7s are +1; 2s, 3s, and 6s are +2; 4s are +3; and 5s are +4. The negatives include ten-value cards at -3 and 9s at -2. Eights and Aces are neutral, but the player still has to keep a count of Aces.

The Reverse 14 Count Usefulness

Because of the high values assigned to a number of the cards as well as the additional counting of Aces, the Revere 14 Count can be incredibly difficult to keep track of. Many newer counting strategies require lower and easier level math with equal effectiveness. However, Revere's strategy was quite popular in the early days of professional card counting. The system is effective in many betting situations with an insurance correlation of .82, but only a betting correlation of .92.

More recent systems have improved on Revere's early work in blackjack game strategies, requiring less mental stress for equally or more effective efficiency. It is important, though, to acknowledge the foundations and the history of these strategies and the contributions made by Revere and his contemporaries.