Oscar's Grind Backjack : Oscars Grind Betting System

Oscar's grind is one of the world's most well-known progression gambling systems that can be utilized when playing any number of casino games, including blackjack games and craps games. Oscar's grind system was named after a famed craps player who claimed to never have lost in Vegas when using this method.

How Oscar's Grind Works

Like most progression-based systems, Oscar's grind system is fairly easy to learn, understand, and employ. The goal is to win one unit per series by increasing the bet by one unit after each win. The difference between this system and others is that the player does nothing if he or she loses a bet; the bet amount simply stays the same after a loss. For instance, a losing bet of two units would call for another bet of two units directly afterward. If this bet won, the player would increase to three units until he or she recovered all losses and was up by one unit. At this point, the player would start the series over and continue employing the same technique.

Pros and Cons of Oscar's Grind

One of the main benefits of Oscar's grind is that players can withstand longer runs of losses without hitting table limits or spending their entire bankroll. This is especially attractive to newer and casual players. On the other hand, professional and die-hard players find it difficult to win big using Oscar's grind system since the goal is to stay ahead by a mere single unit. Although it is possible to win big, it is often done over the course of several days and requires the player to stop playing whenever their pre-set daily limit is reached.

Oscar's grind is a great way for newer craps players to enjoy the game without taking a huge loss quickly. Although big wins are not always likely, most players are able to break even or pull a small profit at the end of a session with this method.