Blackjack Myths : Blackjack Myths and Legends

There are many myths surrounding online gambling games, and blackjack myths are among the most common. With the amount of luck and the proliferation of strategies available for the game, different superstitions and false information have cropped up, adversely influencing the way people play the game. By knowing about and avoiding these falsehoods, smart players can focus their attention on real strategies and tested advice.

Playing the Dealer or Playing the Odds

Many people think that blackjack is a game of luck and is about getting as close to hitting 21 as possible without busting; in truth, the game is one of odds and is really about beating the dealer. This myth is at the heart of why many of the other biggest blackjack myths are about how to play the game. The "never bust" defensive strategy, in which players avoiding hitting hands above 11 can cost them a 4% edge. Others suggest playing like the dealer, because the house knows the odds, but this only gives the house an even bigger edge. Playing smart and learning strategies is better than trying any tricks to get inside the dealer's head.

Card Counting

Because card counting has been featured in many movies about playing the game, there are naturally many blackjack myths surrounding the practice. For example, despite persistent belief in claims by movies like 21 and Rain Man, card counters often are not math geniuses and do not possess photographic memory. Typically they are just regular people who practiced and learned simple values and betting strategies.

Getting an edge on the house in a blackjack game doesn't require great mental gifts. Neither is it a game about getting to 21. For the seasoned player, it is a game of odds, smart bets, and strategy. Toss the myths, and practice tried and true betting strategies instead; that's the only way to really win at blackjack.