Red Seven Count Blackjack : Red Seven Count Betting System

Blackjack card counting can be difficult when it comes to true count conversion and figuring out how many decks are left to be played in a game. Between true count adjustments and strategy indexes, errors and mistakes become almost unavoidable. Luckily, Arnold Snyder has come up with a solution known as the "Red Seven Count" that claims to minimize mistakes and pass the advantage on to the player.

The Red Seven Count

Snyder begins by assigning card values of +1 to the 2 through 6 cards, -1 to ten-value cards and Aces, and leaving 8's and 9's as neutral. Then, in a unique twist, Snyder gives red sevens a +1 value and leaves black sevens neutral. When counting decks, the sevens do not cancel each other out, but rather upset the otherwise neutral balance of the deck. This allows the player to keep track of how many decks have been played and when he or she is at an advantage against the casino.

Advantages over Other Systems

There are other systems of monitoring the number of decks that have been played at a Blackjack game table, but they often get very complicated, requiring the player to maintain a huge amount of information while playing. The Red Seven Count system minimizes the amount of math a player has to keep track of, and offers a strategic guide on how to bet. This strategy has been proven to have a 97% betting correlation, making it one of the most effective strategies currently available to card counters.

Snyder's Red Seven Count system is easy and effective, everything a player could want in a card counting strategy. Without the need for unwieldy count conversions, Snyder's method makes it the strategy of choice for effective Blackjack players.