Blackjack Cheating : Blackjack Cheating Tips

When people talk about cheating at blackjack games, one topic that often comes up is counting cards. Card counting isn't cheating, rather a strategy; a strategy that is frowned upon and outlawed by many casinos. The art of card counting isn't something that just anybody can attempt. An impeccable knowledge of odds and a flawless memory are needed to pull off the feat. A player who counts cards uses their talents to determine how to bet in each specific scenario. Card counting isn't the only way to cheat; there are other forms of cheating at blackjack that occur at casinos, some of which result in a permanent ban and even legal ramifications.

Marking Cards

Marking cards is the most popular way of cheating at blackjack in a casino. Players mark cards by scratching them with a fingernail. A mark indicates that a card has already been played which helps the player to know what face-down card the dealer has. Obviously, this can't happen online, but if a player is caught doing this in a land-based casino, they will be asked to immediately leave the table and possibly the building. In some instances, a permanent ban will be enforced and the player will never be allowed on the premises again.

Switching Cards

Some players will carry their own cards and switch them with cards that they are dealt. This takes a lot of sleight-of-hand mastery in order to be able to do successfully. A hidden deck is kept on the player and, as the cards are dealt, the cards from the hidden deck replace the cards in the casino's deck. Two things make switching cards a nearly obsolete method of cheating; surveillance cameras and decks of cards specially made for casinos. People who want to cheat at blackjack by switching cards can't take the risk because they can easily be caught on video.

Bribing Dealers

Some people will go great lengths to cheat at blackjack, including trying to bribe a dealer. Casinos may bribe their dealers to cheat (even though blackjack has a natural house advantage), so it obviously wouldn't work in those cases. The attempt to bribe a dealer is risky business for both parties involved. Not only would the player be banned if they were caught, but if the dealer took the bribe, they would immediately lose their job.

Heightened security has prevented many players from being able to cheat at blackjack. If players go on a winning streak, they will be watched for a time to determine if they're cheating. The risk isn't worth the payout, no matter how tempting it is. Part of the excitement of gambling comes from the chance, which is reduced greatly when you cheat.