Blackjack Pair Splitting : How to Split Pairs in Blackjack

Splitting in blackjack is an acceptable strategy to win more money. Only pairs can be split and the player must also bet on the new hand when splitting. The ideal way to learn how to split cards in blackjack is to practice splitting in a free online blackjack game. This way a player learns which cards to split, since there are differing opinions on this.

Which Cards to Split

In a game where both the player's and dealer's hands are up, it is easy to decide whether or not to split. Some experts recommend splitting a pair of 10s, especially when the dealer has a weak hand such as a five, six or seven. As a general rule in the game, split Aces and eights at any time but do not split fours or fives. Splitting twos, threes or sevens is appropriate when the dealer is showing a hand less than seven. If the dealer's hand is eight or more, it is recommended that the player takes a hit. Split sixes when the dealer has any card two through six, and split nines only when the dealer is showing a two through six or an eight or nine.

Betting Splits

When splitting in blackjack, a player is required to double his bet to cover the second hand. The bet cannot be split. After the cards are split, there are two hands. After betting, each hand takes a hit. Betting on a split hand can be a good thing if the player wins one or both hands, but if he or she loses, splitting doubles the losses.

Learning when to split cards is a tricky business, while exploring an online casino. It is best to try blackjack splitting in a free online game or while having fun with friends. Blackjack splitting can double a player's losses or can have the benefit of increasing his or her gain if both hands are winners. Always consider the dealer's hand when Blackjack splitting and only split when the dealer's cards are up.